Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review 1st step Pro Wellness

For over a decade 1st Step Supplements’ high powered and proven ingredients have fueled elite female and male athletes in more than 275 colleges and universities and countless professional and Olympic teams. Now we’ve applied our same standard of excellence to provide you, an everyday, extraordinary woman, the fuel you need to embrace a healthy life. We know that you take care of everyone around you so let us take care of you with our supplements for nutrition, energy, bone and joints, heart, lean muscles, hydration and weight-loss. We help women like you do extraordinary things! 

Christina's voice:
The Liquid vitamin B12 Complex energy shot really did work, but im going to have to say the taste is alot better when you refrigerate them. This product gives you that natural energy feeling with out the jitters and shakes.I was surprised that is had no caffeine in it at all, and i still got some energy to finish up my day.

The Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM is for healthy joint movement and flexibility. This does have a bitterly taste of strawberry and comes with its own measuring cup on top of the bottle. I take 2tablespoons right before i eat something because it says to take with food.This product is good to have and take because we all need our joint to move around and this helps them not stiffing up as we get older.


The Active women's multivitamin/ multimineral is to support a woman's energized lifestyle. This product has a tropical cranberry flavor and also comes with it own measuring cup as well. This is great for active women who are on the go and have lots of energy. I was thinking to myself why in a liquid form and not a pill but i found out that research has shown that nutrients from liquid supplements are absorbed easier than from solids.  

The weight and protein powders my husband took over. He loves anything that has lots of proteins in it and this product is mainly for protein. Of course i had to have a glass with him just to try it out, but i dont need much protein in my diet. It comes in triple chocolate and french vanilla, we mix ours with whole milk. ( but you can mix it with any skim,fatfree1%, 2% milk) This stimulate the activity of the muscles so great to do right before a work out.

Where to buy?

Discloser: Thanks to family review network i was able to try out this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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