Wednesday, May 2, 2012


1.     Is a guy’s physique important to you?
a.     Yes, I like guys ripped with six-pack abs. 
b.     Yes, but I prefer a lean, wiry look.   
c.      Yes, an athletic build goes a long way with me but please don’t look like a body builder. 
d.     I couldn’t care less.  
e.     Compact and efficient bodies turn me on. 
2.     How intelligent does your dream date need to be?
a.     I’m old fashioned. I like a guy to do the thinking.
b.     I date guys who are intellectually stimulating. Challenge me!
c.      The guy needs to be smart enough to keep up, but not smarter than me.
d.     I like a guy to lead in the brains department, but not be arrogant about it.  
e.     I like a guy with street smarts. 


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