Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Scott's Liquid Gold screen cleaner

 Scott's Liquid Gold makes a variety of high quality household products that are sold in grocery, drug and discount stores nationwide. The original product is a wood cleaner and preservative made with natural organic oils. A proud American manufacturer, Liquid Gold was founded in 1951 by a widow and her three sons. Scott's Liquid Gold began in a small garage in Denver, Colorado and now offers the best cleaning technology available for fine wood furnishings and all kinds of delicate electronic screens. We care for the things you love.

 Christina's voice:
I dont know about you but i worry about what is being used on my flat screen TV just to clean it. I dont want anything to harm it what so ever. ( those things are NOT CHEAP) but Thanks to Liquid Gold Clean screen this product is affordable and your able to protect your high dollar electronics. The product is developed to clean screens, It comes with a micro fiber cloth to help get the job done. The RO ( reverse osmosis is a state of the art water treatment technology that removes molecules of minerals deposits and impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves. The cloth is used so it doesn't scratch the delicate screen. I love that this product doesn't leave any streaks or smudges and leave it crystal clear clean.

  • Other uses computer monitors, laptops, HGTV's, game systems, cellphones, iPads, iPods, camera lenses and so much more. 
  • Removes fingerprints and sticky grime on DVD/Cd's
  • Cleans sunglasses and eyeglasses without damaging the scratch coat
  • Safe for even tinted windows on cars.
  • Retail value about $4.00 and up 6.5 fl oz ready to use spray bottle  BUY NOW
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