Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: Cj's BUTTer

 At CJ's we want to provide the best hospitality ever along with a unique shopping experience!! We are loaded with plenty of scented and unscented healing body products to keep your sniffer busier than a bee. Really....is there anything more fun than sniffing delicious body products with 2 or 3...or maybe 10 of your best friends? We have plenty of scented body and linen sprays as well as wool care. If you enjoy shopping, (We know you do... it's ok. So do we!) our interesting clothing and unique vintage, retro and ultra trendy accessories will keep your eye-lashes batting with excitement. It's really the perfect place to spoil yourself and your friends, too--a unique boutique with flair and excitement, many call us 'The Ultimate Chick Paradise". Ohh did we mention that you probably won't find anything else like CJ's in town? Yep. Check it out--and bring your friends!

 Christina's voice: 
I was very impressed on trying out the CJ's BUTTer  products. They are simply amazing and is a great product that was made from a woman's kitchen out of determination to make a cloth diaper friendly diaper cream for her own child. This product gives you the best all natural diaper cream but there is more than 20 uses found for this amazing product. All the products above in the picture are handcrafted using only carefully selected ingredients, and most available in 3 dozen different scents.

  1. The original CJ's BUTTer  was the first one originally created to be the very best all natural. baby butt cream.This product is a deep healing balm to treat such skin troubles as Eczema, Rosacea, dry,cracked feet, bug buts and many many more. Retail value $9.99
  2. The CJ's BUTTer Spritz is an oil in a bottom that you can spray on it is easily applied. This is to help heal the skin, but very effective in treating hair as well. This can be used to treat curls, and be used as a leave in conditioner. Which works great on my three year old.  Retail value $9.99
  3. The CJ's BUTTer Plus is used to treat fungal skin problems naturally. Good product for my husbands athlete's foot. but used also for yeast rashes, and thrush. Retail value $9.15
  4. The CJ's BUTTer vegan formula is completely vegan  the only thing bad about this product is that is unscented. other than that this is food for anyone who likes that vegan product. Retail: $13.97
  5. The CJ's Carcass Cleaner is moisturizing base mix with a gentle. natural soap to provide a truly amazing product. I used this to wash my face, and hangs but can also be used on hair and body. This helps with the acne that i do have but has been told that it works miracles on chronic acne. I noticed that this product does not lather. but after doing research on it that it can't lather because its an all natural product and would have to require an synthetic lathering agent. Retail $12.50
  6. The CJ's BUTTer Lip balm smells great and goes on good as well. This product is used to heal, moisturize and protect chapped or damaged lips. Retail value : $3.30



  1. I totally want to try the CJ'S bUtter Spritz! That sounds amazing. I love when a product can be used in multiple ways.

  2. I love all natural products thanks so much for the post ~ Kristin