Friday, April 13, 2012

Giveaway Wexy Lunch

First of all, this is my first review ever so I'm super excited! Wexy lunch and munch bags are great! They are adorable and there are just so many good things about them, I'm excited to share a few of them with you! Some of the obvious things, they are BPA free AND biodegradable. So you know you can be comfortable putting your child's food in them, and they're good for the enviornment which is definitely an added bonus. Can I also add that they are SUPER cute? They really are, they are white, and have little monsters on them. Now, they are nice looking, but the reasons behind their beginning was really cool also. The story behind this product is part of what I like about it so much. They were created in part as a result of a child's food allergies. Carie, the creator of this product had a chlld with allergies and found herself having to find snacks that were allergen free. Part of what draws children to snacks is their attractive packaging, so she found a way to give her child attractive packaging despite the fact that she was finding that a lot of the snacks that her child could consume was packed in bulk, and not necessarily cute packaging. The other creator of this product, Tracey loves homemade and healthy snacks for her children, obviously those wonderful homemade snacks also don't come in the creative packaging that other children bring to school with them. So these two created these wonderful little packages to put their childrens' snacks in for school. I bet that their kids got compliments and fit right in, because these little baggies are adorable! Before I could even use them for any food products my daughter took a few to put toys and crayons in! So I was able to see first hand what a hit they are with young children!! I was looking at their website and they're reasonably priced. I would actually highly suggest checking out their website, you can see these wonderful products, read their story, order a free e-book, and even read about the characters on each bag. (I read them to my daughter after she found the bags, and she thought it was the coolest thing. The only negative things that I can say about these bags is that they're not extremely heavy duty. They do hold snacks, which is exactly what they're supposed to do, but they are slightly thinner than regular sandwich/snack bags you get at the grocery store, and that I wish they were just slightly bigger. They're tall, but not really wide enough to hold a sandwich. Despite those two things, I do stand behind this product and company. I really admire the fact that this is a product made for parents to use with their children, by two moms who are obviously good parents themselves. And as I said before, they really are adorable, and definitely child approved! I would love to see all of you check out their website to see these adorable bags! -- Check it out! Included in this review, two people reading this will be able to try a box of these bags themselves! Enter the giveaway below! You will have until midnight on 4/19 to enter!
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