Monday, March 5, 2012

Review/Giveaway PurEcosheet

purecosheet is proudly manufactured by our family owned and operated company, Maddocks Holdings Limited, in Guelph and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Maddocks is a well respected company with a long history of supplying high quality products for industrial and commercial uses all over the world. Maddocks is ISO 9001:2000 registered, and 35 years strong. learn more about us

Christina's Voice:
These purEcosheet come unscented and last up to 100 loads. These reusable chemical-free dryer sheets really help me save money in the long run. They are a little pricey up front but in the long run you will save major money. because these things can go up to 100 loads before you toss them. You just toss them in your dryer and leave them there. The dryer sheets will perform effectively wet or dry.

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how does it work?
a static charge builds up when two dissimilar materials are rubbed together, and a typical household dryer load is made up of a lot of different kinds of fabrics. the friction between these fabrics causes electrons to be transferred from one material to the other. with this transference, some surfaces get positively charged and others get negatively charged, and they attract one another. that attraction is static cling. the more rubbing, the more the electrons move, and the larger the static charge that builds up - sometimes as much as 12,000 volts worth.
disposable dryer sheets are impregnated with a waxy, chemical mixture. The heat from the dryer melts this deposit and leaves a residue all over your clothes and your dryer.  this residue "lubricates" your clothing so that cling can't build up.
instead of leaving a chemical residue all over your clothing and your machine, purecosheets act like antennas -  conducting, equalizing and removing any potential static charge in your dryer load. we get rid of the static and keep your family's fabrics clean, fresh and natural.

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  1. I learned that they are safe for every type of skin. Which is great.

  2. I learned they're safe for babies and people with allergies!
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