Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review/Giveaway NiNi toy bungee

 Our mission at NiNi is to solve many of the everyday problems facing parents of young children. As parents ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of durable, cool, functional, and quality products, especially when it comes to what we value the most – our children. We’re very proud of our first product, the Toy Bungee™. And now we have added two new complementary products to round up the NiNi family. In addition to Toy Bungee, our Paci Bungee™ and Crayon Bungee™ add a whole new dimension to the concept of chic, functional, easy-to-clean and affordable products to help make today’s busy mom and dad’s life just a little easier. We love to hear from you! Email, Tweet, or visit us on Facebook with your thoughts, feedback, comments, and just anything that you want to share. Your continued support and positive energy are what keeps up going

 Christina's voice:
Don't you hate it when your all sitting down and trying to eat and your little one throws there cup in the floor. Or if your pushing your little on in the stroller and they toss something out while pushing them along the mall? Well thanks to NiNi toy bungee you wont have to worry about stopping and picking up the bottle,toy or paci. its a strap that attaches to the item that your child is either playing with or eating with and then again attaches to where they are sitting or riding etc. I use mine in the car mostly because i can't turn around and get a sippy cup in the middle of driving down the road.

Product Features:
  • Child resistant button design means small fingers can`t unbutton the strap
  • Clip in the middle allows you to leave the strap anchored to your favorite objects, such as a stroller or car seat, while easily removing the part of the strap attached to the cup, bottle or toy
  • Award winning design
  • Universal fit to toys, bottle and cups
  • Easily hand washable in warm soapy water
  • Non‐toxic, including BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free
  • Available in a variety of chic & modern designs matching the Paci Bungee

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