Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review/Giveaway Hemp Hearts raw shelled hemp seeds

 Why choose Hemp food?
 Hemp is a great choice for anyone looking to add essential omegas and extra protein into their daily diet. Hemp foods are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They are not genetically modified, but ARE kosher certified, pesticide free and some are also organic. 
Hemp has many benefits both physically and mentally and the comments we hear about the difference hemp has made in people’s lives is overwhelming! Check out our testimonial page for more details.

 Christina's Voice:
Hemp heats is raw shelled hemp seeds. This is an all natural product. You can either sprinkle on your salad, yogurt or eat them straight out the bag.This product is really delicious over my yogurt.

 Retail Value 8oz bag 8.99 buy now

How did we get this glorious super food into our package?
Manitoba Harvest partners with farmers to deliver seed directly to our state-of-the-art, certified facility. Here we remove the hemp seed’s hard outer shell to bring you the most nutritious part - the inner kernel (aka the hemp heart). Hemp Hearts are tested for quality then sealed in a modified atmosphere package to lock in the freshness. All of our packaging has the packaged on and best before dates to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product available.

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