Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review/Giveaway - FitLips

 Fernanda Lazzaro, former fitness TV host and producer for The Art of Building Bodies, launched Fitlips after two years of research and development.  Fitlips was created as a result of Fernanda wanting to develop a line that was true to her belief in natural living.

Fitlips is 100% natural, Canadian-made lip balm that contains no petroleum or parabens. The “Fit” in Fitlips represents three elements: natural ingredients; the way lips look after using the product; the eco-friendly packaging. And the logo has a dual personality, acting as lips and a leaf.

It is low gloss and can be used on its own to give lips a light sheen, while moisturizing and protecting them from too much sun, wind, heat or cold. Fitlips can also be used with other lip products and even versatile enough for cuticles and dry skin patches

 Christina's voice:
Fitlips is a natural lip care that helps heal chapped lips and also helps protect against to much wind and sun. The indredients are beeswax,hemp oil, mango butter and cupuacu butter. Each of these ingredients are all mixed in to this little silver can that can be put anywhere from you makeup bag to your purse.  I am in love with the passion fruit kind. The good thing about the little tin cans i can recycle them and use them for somthing elese. Now most lip gloss in a tin can are really greasy but FitLips is not,

 Retail Value 7.99 each Buy now

 Non-goopy and Non-sticky  |  No colour  |  100% Natural  |  18 grams

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