Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Tickle Me Plant

               Your Complete FUN Guide To Growing the TickleMe Plant The sensitive plant that MOVES When you Tickle It! Written for children, parents, teachers, students and plant lovers who want to learn more about growing tips and interesting facts relating to this amazing plant.

First Five Days

After one month

Christina's voice:
                       I have never heard of a tickle me plant, but i do have a green thumb so i was excited that i got to review this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. Once i got this product in the pot and watered it, it  didn't take long for it to sprout. ( as you see first 5days) It was really easy to grow plant, i just kept an eye on it and when the soil was dry i would just put the water on low and sprinkle water over the top with the sprayer in the kitchen. I think i need to get a bigger pot now, because i put all the pellets/seeds together in one pot. Once this tickle me plant gets big enough you will see the edges of the flower have leaves and once you touch them they curl up. It even sleeps at night ( leaves curls up) This plant really is ticklish!

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