Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Butt bench

Bath Extras designed and manufactures the Butt Bench®, a patent-pending bath seat made of natural wood first created in 2006. We started giving out Butt Bench® to friends and family and they absolutely loved it. Some of them gave the bath seat to their aging parents and it helped them sit comfortably while bathing. We have a Butt Bench in every tub and use it to make shaving and footbaths easier, and to store our assortment of shampoos and soaps. Because of the positive feedback we’ve gotten over the years, we decided to make the Butt Bench available to the public. It’s now available in a variety of colors and two different sizes. We’re also happy to bring our customers an assortment of bath safety products that require no installation. Our goal is to make bathing safer and easier for people of all ages.

Christina's voice:
The butt bench is a good idea for the bathtub. You can create a sit down area with out taken down your whole bathtub. The butt bench comes in different colors and fit most bathtubs.The seat is made out of pine wood.and has a suction cups that suction to your tub so it doesn't slide.This bench hold you up really good, help me while shaving legs or even take a rest if your older and need that break.( great for elderly people)

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