Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Lady Soma Detox, and Skin and Nail treatment

 Lady Soma is an all natural, healthy and holistic source of women's probiotic supplements and skincare, which are all specially formulated to fit women's needs. Our skin care line includes the Renewal Serum, the Antioxidant Berry Masque, and the Skin & Nail Treatment. Our supplements include the Lady Soma Detox, the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse with Probiotics, the Candida Advanced Cleanse, and the Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C.

Christina's Voice
The Lady Soma Detox is formulated for women. This product comes with  individual packages with 12 pills in it, that you take in the morning, afternoon and right before bedtime.( take all three packages the first day) then you turn around and just take one package at bed time for 7 continuous days. The directions say allow three weeks between cleansing cycles. And drink lots of water. All i want to say my body had the poops all week. so i know its a detox so im sure you going to be using the little girls room often than normal so just be prepared.This product promotes  by eliminating toxins from the body. The formula acutally triggers detoxand eleminates using natural plant ingredients.

Retail Value: $ 41.21 buy now

Christina's voice
This skin and nail treatment from lady soma is great for repairing existing games to the cuticle. It has cocoa-Shea= kokum butter in the treatment. this nail treatment is so soften,strengthens and deals dry hands. The smell is just amazing it is one product you have to try.

Directions apply to dry hands as needed. may use several times per day. Smooth over nails and cuticles massage gently in circular motions.

Retail Value: $15.00 Buy now


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