Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Egyptian Cotton TShirts

                     The purpose of Egyptian Cotton Tshirts is to bring you high-comfort, durable cotton knit clothing in colors that make you look good. We want our shirts and pants to support a comfortable, peaceful, less-irritating lifestyle. We make it possible for you to surround yourself in softness. To learn more about the construction and properties of our t-shirts, see About Our T-shirts.
                      We are able to bring you lower prices because we cut out the wholesaler middle men, the clothes go from the factory to our location in Burlington, Massachusetts [MA]. Also, we do not have the overhead of a physical store or sales people. Massachusetts does not have sales tax on clothing.
The cotton and the shirts are manufactured in Egypt and then are transported to Boston, MA. We deal direct with the factory, cutting out middle men. We chose a factory where the management has integrity and treats its workers fairly, providing good working conditions. For more details see Why Buy from Us, which addresses the issue of social responsibility in the production of t-shirts. Read more

Christina's voice:
Egyptian Cotton Tshirts not only sell T shirts but they sell pants as well. Their product of course is 100% authentic Egyptian cotton. The pants have a draw string so if they are to big around the waist you can pull that string for the desired tightness you are looking for.There are no tags in the shirt or the pants so you don't have to worry about being all itched up. I love that when I washed them there was like literally no shrinkage. So you don't have to worry about buying the size you wear and then it shrink like the 100% cotton shirts. You're going to have to check out all the different colors.They are really comfy wouldn't trade them in for nothing! =)

Price: $35.50 ea [$59.50 regular retail]
$31.50 each for 3 or more, $23.50 each for 25 or more


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  1. I love a good T-shirt Thanks for the great post ~ Kristin