Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review/Giveaway SunTouch plus

Only recently have scientists begun to understand one of the most intimate relationships in the natural world, an almost parental bond between the heavens’ light and the human beings it illuminates. The sky actually seems to understand our need for physical cues that ensure our internal rhythms, and delivers them with an almost limitless subtlety. Minute changes in warmth and color are like a hand on your shoulder that lifts your mood or a subtle prod that corrects the direction of your day

Christina's voice:
Have you ever heard of those light therapies that re-sync you body's internal clock? Well this Suntouch plus is one of those products.Clinical studies show that this suntouch plus re calibrates the rhythm in your body. From temperature to hormones this product will balance out and help you sleep. Do away with the pills and bring out the light because this product will give you natural energy and put you in a better mood. Just put this light somewhere where you are near everyday (example computer desk) and turn it on and there you go.

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  1. I have wanted to try one of these for a while, I have low Vit D and have to take supplements, wonder if this would help and I am a terrible sleeper, up and down all night.