Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review/giveaway Simple Green household products.

The Simple Green  story began over thirty-five years ago, long before “environmentally friendly” products were mandated by law. Bruce FaBrizio and his father developed a safer alternative to the toxic cleaners then being used to remove tannic acid a by-product of coffee roasting, from roasting machinery. Read more 

Christina's voice:

The household products above are the Simple Green stone cleaner, Simple Green stone polish and one amazing Simple green stainless steel one-step cleaner and polish. They all come in a 16oz bottle and easy to grip bottles and handles. It has a safety spray so when your done you can turn it to off. I love using products around the house that i don't have to worry to much using it around my kids and pets. They are non-toxic and non-abrasive. I also love that this product is biodegradable.

Before simplegreen
The item to your left is a deep fryer. Yes it is stainless steel and we know how greasy our deep fryers can get. I used the simple green stainless steel spray on this and it got rid of all the smudges and grease. With a couple sprays and a good wipe down i was good to go "Its that simple".

after simple green

I don't have any of that marble or granite counter tops but i do have some tile in my second bathroom. which the stone polish and cleaner can be used on tiles as well so i tried out the product in there lefts a nice sparkle and got the tile very clean.

Retail value:

  • Simple Green Stainless steel polish and cleaner comes with microfiber cloth $6.39 Buy now
  • Simple Green Stone Cleaner comes with microfiber cloth $6.39buy now
  • Simple Green stone Polish comes with Microfiber cloth $6.39 Buy now
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