Monday, February 6, 2012

Review/giveaway: Peter Pauper: The little black book of sex toys

Up to 70 percent of women are reportedly unable to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. Sometimes you need a little help from your friends! And with all the stress in life, why not add a bit more playfulness to the mix? MATURE CONTENT.

Christina's voice:
This little black book of sex toys is the sophisticated guide to enhancing your sexual satisfaction. We all know its always fun try something new in the bedroom. Some of us are a little scared than others but if you know more about the item you would be willing to try it more right? Don't judge the book by its cover is what my parents have always told me. If you want to unlock your body's potential with this little black book of sex toys. You will identify what works for you sexually and get the inside scoop on the precise toys which best suited to turn you or your partner on. This book includes over 50 + top sex toys. For $9.95 you can own your book today. Or you can enter my giveaway which peterpauperinc has let me give one away for free. ( if you win of course)

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