Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Shimmer Skinnies makes it possible for American women to discover what women overseas have known since 1977 (when Apart first launched)—that when it comes to fashion, you never have to sacrifice quality for stand-out style and craftsmanship.
Not just a clothing brand, but a style-conscious state-of-mind. A reminder that fashion should feel good and shopping should always be fun and empowering. Apart provides a new one-stop source for women who love contemporary fashion, trends and styling their own looks, but still need to dress for their everyday lives.

Christina's voice:
I will have to admit my camera takes sucky pictures, time to get a new one. Anyways these jeans are so comfy and they have three spots on them that are like studs on the outer end, but you can't feel them when you have them on like on the inside. They are skinny jeans. I fell in love the way they fit my booty and and so on. They are super cute and was worth the wait on getting them. Click here for a better image and closer detail.
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