Tuesday, January 24, 2012

review/giveaway: Grab a scab

What are scabs?

Scabs are new. You have never seen anything like them before! Scabs are fun fabric sticker patches. Once they are on your things, they won’t come off-not in the wash, not at play-SCABS STAY PUT!
Scabs can go on anything-your backpack, your jeans, your bicycle.
Parents love Scabs because they are easy to use no ironing or sewing is required. Also, Scabs are durable and machine washable. They do not tear or fray or easily peel off. Kids love Scabs because they are fun! They can personalize and accessorize their own things, collect different Scabs and trade with their friends.
Each Scab is made by Scabbee. He’s a friendly monster with lots of character. He eats chocolate and he is afraid of the dark. Scabbee has tons of energy. He loves to play all sports and trade books with his friends. Scabbee is always ready to play and have a great time!
Scabbee hides his picture on every Scab, so watch out for him. Scabbee hangs out with his monster friends, Goop, Cottonball and Brainfreeze.

Christina's voice:
When i got a variety of Grab a Scab which is a fun fabric sticker patch that you can either cover up holey jeans or just randomly decorate a shirt or two, they can really just go on anything you stick them to. but keep in mind once they are on they DO NOT COME OFF not even in the washer. I have found they are really easy to use no ironing or sewing. Now i do believe these would be more for my son than my daughter as far as covering up holes in jeans because now-a-days holey jeans are just fashionable. so we will just wait stick our scabs Else where.

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  • Retail value: All Original Collection Scabs are $6.50 each.

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  1. At first I thought this was going to be a children's book - and I was totally grossed out by the scab thing - YUCK! But these are a fab idea!! Stopping to follow you from today's hop - hope you have time to visit soon and return the favor :)

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