Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: ukloo

Hi, I’m Doreen, the mom who created uKloo. It was conceived in hopes of helping my eldest son, Max learn to read. Like many parents, I was challenged with a very reluctant reader. As a young mother, I followed expert advice and started reading to Max when he was an infant. As a result he loved being read to…but was not interested in learning to read for himself. Max was seven years old, behind in school and a struggling reader. read more on the story of ukloo

Christina's voice:
 When i received ukloo i wanted to start right away which I have a very bright 3 year old. i did have to work with her a little on this game but, Hey that's what I'm here for right? This game is very hands on type game. It offers physical exercise. What you do is put the picture help somewhere where the kid sees it at all times for an example on the fridge.Then you put one of the cards that says look in the sink you would fine look under the bed card in the sink.  and so on. You can start off with 6 cards, unless your child is  a wild one or attention span is bad you could do 3-4 cards. The picture helper is to help the child look up challenging words. They will be reading and don't even know it. This game has to be good because check out all the awards they have won so far.

This box contains 42 clue cards and 2 color -coded levels of achievement.
a picture helper sheet
12 blank Surprise cards for your child.

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