Wednesday, January 11, 2012

review/giveaway Amplivoice50

Amplified Corded Telephone
with Talking Caller ID - AmpliVOICE50

Vocalization of names and numbers is just one of the key features of this phone. The AmpliVOICE50 is very flexible and can be easily set-up to meet the user’s specific requirements. The phone is designed to meet the needs of people with either vision or hearing impairment.

*Talking Caller ID Functionality:
(requires network service subscription)

Christina's Voice:
This amplivoice50 corded telephone has a talking caller id which I'm sure you read from above, but to me that's amazing i have never had a phone to talk to me and tell me who is calling. but of course for the caller ID to work you have to have it subscribe through your local phone company. The volume can go up to 50dB for those hard to hearing elderly or disable people, which i think is very helpful. It comes in 4 different languages. Even has hand free speaker phone so when I'm writing my blog post on reviews all i have to do is put my friend on speaker phone and still type away while she is talking away. When someone is calling the red light, lights up and let me know there an incoming call coming in. while the black light caller id screen lights up as well. easy to use large buttons. ( well i would say medium because i have seen bigger)  Sonic alert offers tons more phone corded or not you will just have to check them out for yourself.

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