Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Tips & 5 Giveaways to Improve Your Sleep

Boost your mood, improve your resolve and regulate your eating habits with some extra zzz's.
Do you pay attention to how much sleep you get each night or do you sometimes cheat yourself from valuable sleep time? Sleep is not just vital for regular functions it's also important to help us with stress management and reducing daytime fatigue.
If you gave yourself some new diet and fitness resolutions this year or you're working to cut back or quit a habit, you should include extra sleep in your plan. It will help improve your mood when you are feeling deprived and increase your resolve to meet that goal. Many people make bad food choices when they are tired. Do you want to be sharp and full of energy every day? Well, it may be easier to achieve than you may think. How you feel while you are awake, greatly depends on how you sleep.
If you struggle to get a good night of sleep you are not alone. Some people find it difficult to sleep through the night without at least one bout of restlessness or running to the bathroom. Other's find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up in the morning. According to a recent SheSpeaks poll 62.8% of you said you sleep poorly during these days of shorter daylight. 17.5% reported having continuous sleep problems. Many of the problems that make it difficult to sleep are emotional or environmental. Reducing these factors will help your ability to sleep through the night.
Some simple sleep strategies can be essential for a deep sleep. Here are our five sleep-promoting techniques to enhance the quality of sleep you get:
  1. Keep a regular sleep schedule: Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every day.
  2. Create a relaxing bedtime routine: Keep noise down with a sound machine or fan and keep your room slightly cool (around around 65° F).
  3. Exercise regularly: 30mins of activity anytime during the day will help you sleep more deeply. You can also do stretches before bed.
  4. Eat right: Avoid large meals at night, cut down on caffeine after lunch, and refrain from drinking alcohol before bed. Alcohol will create a restless sleep waking you up 4-5hours in. If you want a light snack around bedtime aim for a low-sugar cereal, granola or banana.
  5. Read at bedtime: Watching TV before bed stimulates your brain and therefore wake's you up. Reading a book is both non-stimulating and will keep you out of your head, helping you avoid stressing and planning the next day.
Most importantly, remember to make sleep a priority. Instead of cutting back on it for other tasks you have to complete, schedule it on your list. Having a good night rest will lay the foundation for a more productive, creative day.
Do you have certain products you use to help relax and get comfortable for a good night's sleep, maybe a clock, or super soft bedding, a favorite bath product or a good book? Whatever you use to get ready for bed we'd like to hear your recommendations.

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