Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Earnest eats

                            We bring fruits, nuts and other goodies together and let them be themselves, which means we leave them just how nature intended them. We don’t macerate, extrude or mush anything to a pulp. Baked in small batches in real kitchens, our foods are crafted with premium, whole food ingredients that you can see and taste in all their delicious and nourishing glory. So let’s make friends with food again, one nut at a time.

Christina's voice
The earnest eats website offers different variety of oat whole grain bars. They are all so yummy and this really helps me with my diet because they are not fating and very healthy for you. They use whole food ingredients that provide exceptional nutrition and extraordinary flavor, they are natural which means no spray on vitamins or protein powders. i love eating something that actually taste good and is good for you at the same time =)

Retail value: price varies depending on how much and what size.

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