Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Cobra Corn- Mumbai Masala

The Cobra Corn recipe was invented by Dr. Teju Shah in Lexington, Massachusetts. Teju is a dedicated doctor, mother of four, and extraordinary cook! She was born and raised in India and moved to the United States in 1964. Today, the Cobra Corn – Mumbai Masala recipe is the foundation for Dishoom Foods, a company founded by her son, Mihir Shah.
Growing up, Mihir was (and still is) quite the perfectionist when it comes to food. He also wanted to eat American food all the time to fit in. That no doubt gave a lot of challenges to his Mom. During his senior year of high school, he came home and the house was filled with an amazing aroma. He walked into the kitchen and there was a pan filled with seasoned popcorn on the stove. He took a bite and was instantly hooked. And so Cobra Corn was born.
Ever since then, Mihir’s Mom regularly made Cobra Corn and sent it to him at college where his buddies also got hooked. On some days Mihir would return to his room to find that his roommate picked up his packages so that all of his friends could start chowing down on the savory popcorn!
In each of the different cities he lived, worked and studied, the popcorn was sent to him and more and more people got hooked. He was then encouraged to share this new and delicious popcorn with the world.

Cobra Corn is popcorn seasoned with our one-of-a-kind flavor, Mumbai Masala. A unique blend of 10 Indian spices & seasonings that will make your mouth water!
And guess what? Cobra Corn only uses real spices and seasonings. That’s why it’s so deliciously tasty! You get an explosion of flavor without any junk.

Christina's voice:
I thought the cobra corn was going to be a little hotter than normal, but it was just a mild spicy something i had never tried before. Wasn't such a big fan but i tell you what my hubby tore it up like he ate the whole bag in one day. I'm like dang you big. Of course when you drink this you better have your water, tea, juice or whatever it might because like i said its a little spicy-mild. They use real spices and seasonings so no artificial garbage.

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