Sunday, January 8, 2012

review: brain tonIQ and trim tonIQ

Brain Toniq's formula is complete plant-based, and no animal products have been used. Ingredients in Brain Toniq:
-Eleuthero Root extract
-Rhodiola Root powder
-Wild-crafted Blue Green Algae extract
-Organic Agave nectar

Christina's voice:
Brain toniq is made to help you stay focused. The taste isn't bad at all due to the fact that its all natural, usually they taste really yuck to me but not this one. It is known for the most powerful brain enhancing botanicals. Its almost like coffee with out that gut tipping effect of caffeine. Read more up on Brain Toniq

Christina's voice:
Trim toniq is great for a good diet plan, This is something i am more interested on rather than the brain toniq. There is no fake sweeteners. Naturally helps speed up metabolism. When you get hungry all i did was grab a trim toniq and that hunger went away. The taste is really good as well just about the same to me as the brain toniq. Read more about Trim toniq here

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