Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: AcneFree clear skin treatments

Enjoy the therapeutic Sulfur Mask
  1. Deep pore-cleansing action draws out excess oil to control and prevent breakouts.
  2. Soothes acne-inflamed skin with a cool refreshing tingle.
  3. Unique color-signal Technology lets you know when treatment is complete.
Christina's voice:
I love the way Acnefree made my skin feel, i received a sample in the mail and had to let my reader know that this one sample i could already see a difference in my skin, i have major oily, shiney skin on my face and this product helped absorb that oil with out drying out my skin. I had to go out and actually buy this product because i liked it that much. My sample came with a 1.00 off coupon but if you go here you can save 4.00 off the same product.( must have printer ready)

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