Friday, December 23, 2011


      A delivery driver has been caught on CCTV throwing what appears to be a computer monitor over a fence rather than take it to the front door. FedEx has vowed to track down the worker, who can be seen strolling casually up to the railings before his less-than-special delivery of the Samsung branded box. A spokeswoman from the firm would not say what action would be taken against the employee once they find him, but warned: "This won't be his best day." "The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. "Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken."

Christina's voice:
This clearly shows you how some of  your mail carrier really  handle your product you  receive. I would be  highly upset. Its clear as day that this guy is really FedUP with his job, so he doesn't deserve to be handling our merchandise. No telling what goes on behind closed doors. There are people out there with no job, and you have someone like this guy who probably has a  full time postion and getting extra hours this time of year and taken it for advantage. He has no expression on his face, doesn't even look to see if anyone is home. This guy should be taught a lesson and fired from his job, not only did it make it to the news they guy was at home, and he broke the merchandise. I hope you learn your lesson, and be punished in some type of way.

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