Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: book- Cooper and me and the winter adventure

Created by mother-daughter team Monique and Alexa Peters and inspired by their real-life family dog, Cooper and Me provides adults and children with opportunities for meaningful conversation and tools for constructive problem-solving. Kids will laugh at Cooper’s antics, and adults will appreciate the resilience nurtured in their children.

Christina's voice:
My daughter is three years old now and ever since she was like 1 1/2 she always wanted me to read to her. so once i opened this package she seen it was a book and it had dogs ( woof woof -Olivia voice) she wanted me to drop doing what i was doing and read her the book. This book is hardback and easy to read, i love how the words rhymed and each page had great graphics on it. We really enjoyed this book. Its about two little dogs cooper and Bella who are really wanting to go sledding so bad. they kept trying to find huge hills to sled on and was having a blast and then they wondered a little to far and got stuck in a snow storm. This shows you that wondering away from your parents to far can get you lost and you should always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back home.of course cooper and Bella found there way back home, but they also learned from there mistakes. At the end of the book it has information for the child to fill out or the parent to fill out in my case in showing who this book belows to and where they live at the time just in case it gets lost.maybe someone nice would help it find its home.

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