Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review:Xpad Slim

LIGHT-WEIGHT: Weighing in at a pound, Xpad feels amazingly light!
UNIVERSAL FIT: Xpads are designed for a universal fit to grip various laptop feet distributions.
ERGONOMIC: Xpad is optimally sized to fit on your lap while gripping your laptop so that it won't slide when used on an incline.
PORTABLE: A slim profile means Xpad will fit in most Laptop bags along with your Laptop.

Christina's Voice
I love this product. My laptop always runs hot once im on it for a long period of time. But since i got this Xpad for my laptop it doesn't get as hot because it is able to breath better and the fan can kick on. Where the black is located it has rubber like material to keep the laptop from sliding. This product is very light weight.

Retail Value: $24.95 Buy now


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