Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review/giveaway Mossy bayou foods -hotsauce

Leading the product line-up is the award-winning LOUISIANA SWAMP SCUM HOT SAUCE. This unique sauce earned a First Place Award in the 2002 FieryFood challenge, sponsored by Chile Pepper Magazine. The hot sauce, developed from an old Cajun recipe, has a delicious smoke flavor and stands alone with its dark “swamp-green” color.

Colorful GiftBox includes:

  • Rudolph’s Revenge Red Hot Sauce
  • Elves Workshop Secret Recipe Green Hot Sauce
  • Santa Sauce Red Jalapeno Jelly

Christina's Voice:
My dad is a huge fan of hot sauce. So of course he is the one who tried the the package i recieved. He said that it was really good, and we ended up maken some hot wings later on that night. The only thing that was new was the red jalapeno jelly. He had never tried that before. He said it was pretty good.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am here to return the follow.

  2. They all sound great. My husband loves hot sauces and my boys have taken it up as well. I think they would love to try the LOUISIANA SWAMP SCUM HOT SAUCE!