Friday, December 9, 2011

review/giveaway ZipZ shoes

ZIPZ are removable and interchangeable shoes, like nothing you’ve owned before! Match any ZIPZ COVERS with any same size ZIPZ SOULS to create one of-a-kind mix and match shoes. Visit our ZIPZ COVERS gallery by zippin’ on over to the Shop ZIPZ tab. Our shoes are handmade to ensure comfort, quality, and reliability. Invented in California, Designed in the U.S.

Christina's voice:
The adult ZipZ have many different designs that are on the shoes. Yes the soles ZIP right off. This is the first pair of shoes that i have ever seen do that. I was amazed on how easy it was to Zip and unzip. The shoe its self is really stiff i had to work my foot into them and they run small so i had to get a bigger size than what i normally wear, but i have to say once they are broken into they are some really nice shoes. I love all the detail painted into these shoes as well.

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