Monday, December 19, 2011

Review/giveaway: Growums " Taco Garden "

When I was a kid, I started growing vegetables for my dad’s garden center using the same type of pellets used to grow your Growums today. It was magical to watch this small, dry object soak up water and create a place for me to put my vegetable seeds – and a few days later, I had plants! (It was cool!) Most kids today don’t get to experience this, and it’s our goal to give them that chance. Read more about Growums

Christina's Voice:
I got the Growums taco garden kit which comes with 2 colantro, 2 jalapeno, 2 lettuce, 2 tomato Seeds and 8 coco pellets and 8 labeled plant tags. We will see in a 10 days if there anything growing in them, My daughter and I had fun putting the seeds in these and watching them grow as we put water to them. You insert 3 seeds in each pallet.

Check out the Growums fundraiser they are now tied to a new Growums Goes To The Fair Blue Ribbon Program hosted by Fairs around the country. Here is our recent “Growums Garden in a Wheelbarrow Contest at the California State Fair: which I think yall will enjoy watching. Also you should check out the Blue Ribbon Program which can be found in the fundraising section of growums website at: as students across America become recognized for growing their own food and becoming true BLUE RIBBON WINNERS.

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