Wednesday, December 7, 2011

review/giveaway: Celsius enjoy the great taste of burning calories!

Celsius helps you get fit and stay fit. Celsius is your partner whether you walk the dog or workout at the gym. Studies show that drinking a great tasting Celsius before you exercise may help you burn calories, raise metabolism and provide lasting energy to power you through your routine and beyond.* Even better, studies show Celsius may reduce body fat, increase endurance and provide greater resistance to fatigue (increased energy).* These were the results for participants, who drank a Celsius once a day during the 10-week study and on the days they exercised they consumed their daily Celsius 15 minutes prior to exercise.

                         a cooler bag filled with Celsius cans, powder packets, and our new shot

Christina's Voice:
This product is amazing, when i first recieved the package i was like hell yes! (giggles) I was litterally dieing to take an energy shot. It was a little rough going down because i have to have stuff like that cold, and it was a tad bit warm. but it was amazing like i would love to compare it to those 5-hour enegry shots you take. It really got me up and going, not meaing my heart racing or anything i just felt lots more energy and i loved that. I love that it came with this cooler back so i can take my drinks to the gym, or out on a bike ride. and it has lots of pockets and everything so i can store anything anywhere and this cooler pack would keep it cool n fresh. Yes my favorite was the energy shots and i have found some helpful information about them below.

  • NO Sugar

  • NO Fruit Juice

  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • NO Aspartame

  • NO Artificial Preservatives

  • NO Artificial Colors or Flavors

  • Low Calorie

  • Very Low Sodium

  •  Celsius is a running a few super hot deals on Celsius Online store right now: On there Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, and Raspberry Acai flavors So, when you buy two you get one case free, the shipping on the third case is also free.

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