Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review Himalayan Healing

The Himalayan Salt Shop was founded in 2005 by Ernest Gaglione in the basement of a two family house in Bloomfield, NJ. Originally, Ernest had to lug his heavy inventory up and down steep basement stairs as he personally shipped each customer's order. As his company grew through hard work and perseverance, Ernest reached the point where he could afford a small office space in Parsippany, NJ. Ernest continued to expand by employing a fulfillment center to help with the shipping of orders.

Today the Himalayan Salt Shop is one of the biggest internet retailers of authentic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps on the web. They also wholesale their products to businesses across the country. If you are looking to patronize a small business headed by a true hard-working American entrepreneur, you can feel confident buying from us.Read more about himalayan healing.

Christina's Voice:
The himalayan rock is really a rock. I thought maybe it was going to look or be fake for some reason, even after review the product online, but nope its a real rock. It has a light that goes up underneath it and you plug it up and has an on and off switch. When i used mine the light bulb blew so im having to get another. So as far as the healing process goes, I would know for sure if it works. But very curious on this i see great reviews about this product. The salt rock works from when the bulb or a flame is releases naegative ions into the air when heated inside of this rock. The negative ions from the heated salt also neutralize the deleterious effect of electronic devices in the home. These lamps are known for helping people with allergies, asthma, and host of other diseases.

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