Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Purex crystals Jockey

Christina's voice:
I recieved two wonderful products that work perfectly together. I got one Jockey Tech Terry sports bra (black)which features moisure wicking technology to keep you dry and your body cool while you work out. Plus, i got a full size bottle of Purex Crystals Tropical Splash ( which is a fabric softener ) to keep it fresh after I work out.  My new year resolution was to get fit and get slim so this sports bra works out for me, literally. Keeps me in place and i love how you can't tell im even sweating. Keeps me dry thats for sure. then of course sweat never smells good after a while so when i do laundry i put some of this purex Tropical splash in my laundry and man, you can smell it through the washer while its washing. You know its doing its job when you can smell it outside the washer.

Note: Did you know liquid fabric softerners contain softening oils, which prevent moisture wicking fabrics from working? Purex crystals is an innovative freshening product that doesn't use oil for softening, so it can be used on all types of laundry- including my jocky sports bra.
I am going out now to try the other scents they offer. Im done with the liquids and going with the crystals. Its my time to shine, its 2012 time!!!

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Disclosure: "Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so i could review the,. However all of the opinions expressed here are my own"

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