Friday, November 25, 2011

review/giveaway: What Odor?

  • Completely eliminates pet odors, even urine odor!

  • Non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets!

  • Use it on furniture, laundry hampers, sports equipment!

  • Eliminates the smell of smoke on clothes, drapes, & carpeting

  • Keep a bottle in the car for smoke & food odors!

  • Great for cooking odors like fried fish and seafood!

  • Eliminates embarrassing odors in the bathroom!

  • Eliminates smelly garbage can odors

  • Great for diaper pails!

  • Strong enough to get rid of the stinkiest smell of all – Skunk!

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Christina'sVoice:
    What Odors eliminates those nasty odors, This product kinda smells like limes or something but it really works. I have a dog who lays in her dog bed all the time and boy does that thing go to stinking. So when i got this product the first thing that came to my mind as odor was her dog bed. I sprayed it let it dry and i really couldn't smell the dog odor. This product really worked for me. i just dont know how long it will last due to her getting a bath and laying on is all the time. its  100% biodegradable so it can't hurt her or my kids. You can also spry this product in the air for odor in the air smells. Which i use for when my son who is 6months old takes a huge poopie and stanks so bad.

    Retail value buy one get three free a $60 value right now, for only $19.99 Buy now
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    1. I am trying to eliminate the orders in our van, lets see it could me kid socks, spills, who knows, it just sometimes smells bad!
      loriagalbraith at gmail dot com

    2. Diaper pail odors!
      hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

    3. puppy odor from our new puppy
      rjs682 at yahoo dot com