Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: Little Me Tea

About Tea Time
It all started with a search for a truly healthy kids' drink for our baby girl, Julia. The 100% juices were loaded with sugar. Flavored waters lacked nutrition. Even so-called "healthy" organic brands added cane sugar. No thanks!
So we set out to create a better drink for children based on something as pure and wholesome as nature itself — tea. Some call it nature's wonder drug, and it's no wonder. From this little green leaf comes a powerhouse of beneficial nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Little Me Tea is a delicious blend of caffeine-free tea kicked up with fruit and vegetable juices. It's rich in nutrients, super-low in sugar and organic to the core. In today's polluted, nutrient-deficient world, our children need a true force of nature to keep them healthy and strong. That's why we created Little Me Tea — the healthiest kids' drink on the planet.
Does NOT include pink cup

Christina's Voice:
Little me tea is a great drink for my family and my kids. It's actually the first organic ready to drink tea for kids. I love that its full of antioxidant-rich white, roobos and herbal teas. This product is not very sweet because it only has organic fruit and vegetable juices. I believe i read that it has 1gram per ounce. I love that my little girl gets a whole source of vitamin c as well. There is no caffeine, its gluten,gmo free My little girl loves the both but she ask more of the tropical tea the best. I also received some recipe cards on what i can mix up with these teas.

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