Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Good clean love

Founded in 2003, Good Clean Love's founder Wendy Strgar sought to revolutionize the personal care industry by creating products that are healthy for the environment and healthy for you. Did you know that mainstream love products are often manufactured with petrochemicals and preserved with methyl and propyl parabens?

Good Clean Love products are made with all-natural and organic ingredients that look and smell good- products you and your partner will enjoy immensely.

But here at Good Clean Love, we go farther than that. Rather than just provide you with the ingredients, we tell you how to maintain the loving relationship you're currently involved in. We publish weekly newsletters, post over the Internet on sites like Care2 and GreenGirls, post on our Making Love Sustainable blog and of course are active participants on Twitter (@goodcleanlove).

Good clean love almost naked personal lubricant is something new that i have tried, the reason its so new is because its 95% Organic. You apply it like any other type of lubes that you have tried. Of course if there is irritation you should stop using product. But there are allot of positive things about this product for one the smell is not bad, no petrochemicals, no Parabens, No Glycerin. Recommended by medical professionals. It has that naturally moist touch, smooth and long lasting. 100% vegan. and safe for all latex and toys.

Retail Value: 4oz $ 14.00 buy now

Christina's Voice:
Good Clean Love Indian Spice love oil is adding a bit of excitement to my love life. This product is 100% natural, 100% vegan, No petrochemicals, No parabens. You can apply this product to your lips and rediscover Indian spice, with a simple kiss. When it comes to oils I'm a big fan because they seem to last longer and they don't evaporate like perfumes.

Retail Value: 4oz $18.00 buy now

Christina's Voice:
Good Clean Love Spice Body candy. I am not a big fan of oranges or even spicy oranges. but i was willing to try out the product and look past the smell and taste of oranges. but the product does go on clean and smooth. Can be placed on lips or all over the body Yes this product is edible.

Retail Value: 2oz $12.00 buy now

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I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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