Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Deep Waver

#1-selling Hot Tools Curling Irons were the first irons in the industry to use an electronic heating system for fast heatup and heat restoration. This patented Pulse Auto Heat Control® provides the user an iron that keeps its heat so stylists can work quickly and with consistent curl results. Our Specialty Irons provide stylists with the right tool to create a wide variety of special curl types that are popular in today's hair fashions, along with select flat irons for straight sleek looks. Read more

Christina's Voice:


I tried out this Hot tool product on my little sister because my hair is way to short to be trying to make curl or a curve. This product has a fashionable color purple which I'm a big fan of. It was kinda hard to get use to holding this product along with the hair because its big. It has variable heat settings for any type of hair. I love the extra deep plates for deeper more luxurious waves. The deep waver hold lock shut by a click of a button, which makes it easy to store. The cord is pretty long so you can get around the whole bathroom with out having to reposition the plug. This product has constant heat which means all the styles is performed at the same temperature, providing that long lasting style.

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