Tuesday, October 11, 2011

review: Renuzit holiday air freshener

Renuzit air fresheners is part of the Henkel's Home Care division and offers a wide variety of products to help decorate your home with fragrance. This product has not yet hit retail stores so be on the look out near a store near you.

What is it? Renuzit Fresh Accents is an attractive new air freshener that offers the following
  • Stylish versatile two-sided holiday design
  • Two holiday fragrances -winter berry and Festive Snow
  • 30 days of continuous fragrance odor elimination
  • No plugs, batteries, or flames needed.


 Retail Value around $2.29

Christina's voice:
I love the Winter berry. These are not for big open rooms these are more for walkways or bathrooms. Everytime i walk by them i get a wiff of fresh air. They suprised me because i didn't think they would be as strong. but had me fooled. This product really does work and does last 30 days. but just like any other product the 1st week or two the fragrance is super strong. I love the decor that these give tot he house as well.

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