Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Panty By Post

Panty By Post started in Paris in August 2008 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Owner and founder Natalie Grunberg has always been inspired by the French and it’s no surprise that she’s built up a company that has distinguished itself as a unique brand with a very French twist. Customers subscribe to the service from all over the world, with the biggest following in Canada, the USA, and France. Read More

Christina's Voice:
Panty by post have signature line panties. The one i received is the same one i got in the mail ( of course I'm not gonna take a picture of myself) but they are really nice and comfy. I thought it was neat that you can get like a 12month subscription of panty's so that way you get one pair of panty in the mail a month. I have never seen or heard of this but i think its a neat idea. but one pair of panty is $30.00 which is way over my budget.but it might be something you are looking for because they are really worth it but just to high for this non working mother.

Retail Value: Single $30.00 Check out the subscription line

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