Sunday, October 23, 2011

review: Environment friendly products

In 2004, the very first Aluminum Foil made from 100% recycled aluminum was launched. This product featured a 95% energy savings compared to conventional aluminum foil. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil for grilling and barbecuing, also from 100% recycled aluminum, was introduced in 2007. That same year, waxed paper, from unbleached paper coated with soybean wax was launched. In 2009, two new products are being launched in the fourth quarter – 100% carbon neutral fire starters, made from FSC certified wood and vegetable oil, and sandwich and snack bags made from unbleached greaseproof paper. Many new products in a wide variety of categories are being planned and developed in the coming years. Read more on the history of If You Care.

Christina's Voice:
100% Recycled aluminum foil, I was amazed on how it held up. It was easy to tear off. The product is 100% recycled even the box and can be recycled again. 95% energy savings when using this product. No added chlorine, no toxins what so ever. This makes me feel good about helping the environment.

Christina's Voice:
Parchment Baking Paper i have never used anytype of parchment baking paper, but last night trying this product for the first time while making and baking cookies, I loved it. I will have to start using this type of product when im in the kitchen. I didn't have to use any grease like i normally have to do.This product is silicone, derived from silicon, abundant in nature, and non toxic. Material looks like a really thin peice of brown paper or cardboard.

Paper Snack and Sandwhich bags. Were great to store my cookies i just baked off my parchment paper. I haven't used paper bags to store anything in a long time but these are not your normal paper bags either. These paper bags have no pertroleum, no chemicalls, and keeps the bread soft up to 6 hours.

Christina's Voice:
Sponge cloths: I have never used a 100% natural sponge cloth. When opening the package i was like ew this is not gonna work. I was amazed on how much water they absorb and how they are streak clean on the mirrors. They are also reusable. Most sponges are but not like this one you can was up to 300 times ( and thats just one) comes in a pack of 5. so just one cloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels, talk about saving lots of money. I think i love the cloths more than any other product at this point.

Christina's Voice:
 Baking cups i recived the large baking cups, and i actually got up this morning and made some muffins. So these came just in time. They were non stick and the muffins cooked fully and didn't stick to the paper.

I also got a If you care T-shirt  to go along with my other 100% recycled product.

I recieved these samples from free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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