Saturday, August 6, 2011

Product Review: My big star chart


The Victoria Chart company was founded in 2004 by a mom of two kids name Victoria Ballard.  Like any other parent who wants the best for there kid, Victoria has a special son that was dianosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18months. She discovered the rewards system which worked fabulous for her children.It help build self-esteem while helping them become confident and most importantly proud of their progress. It worked so good that she decided to dedicate her time to create tools for other families to help their children realize the power of development progress with a little encouragement and praise.

Christina's Voice:

I recieved the "My big star chart" for my 2 year old who needs to be praised when she is doing something right. This chart is 11 inches long and hangs perfectly on her bedroom wall. She just recently started using the potty so she already has alot of stickers there, but it comes in categories such as  "I used the potty", "I've eaten all my food" and many more.even has a few stickers where you can make up your own. in my case i have a newborn baby at home so wrote  a "big help with baby brother" it came with 240 smiley circle colorful stickers which when she does good i let her put on her self in the right section along with a high five. She loves doing things on her own i call her "miss independant"  also comes with 84 star stickers for when they do a super good job. i used those for when she doesn't pee the bed that night. I love this chart along with the stickers because everything can wipe off and be reused even the stickers. Thanks to Victoria this is really helping my 2yr old, now everytime she does use the potty she runs to the chart and ask for a sticker. The website features other great helpful charts as well.

Award winning products:
  • Help your child excel and build self esteem
  • a range of specially designed age- apporiate reward charts
  • customizable to your childs needs
  • engaging and enjoyable for children
  • effective for ADHD, austim and other needs
  • provides easy to use tools.
  • charts made in usa

Retail $18.99 USA
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  1. Thank you Christina for reviewing our My Big Star Chart. I am delighted to hear your daughter is enjoying it. This is one of our most popular charts especially to support potty training. Is it OK to mention that to your members that we have a 15% off coupon code for all our products, this is available through our Facebook page: Again, thank you!