Thursday, August 25, 2011

Product Review: Febreze set & refresh

When it comes to keeping small spaces fresh, try Febreze Set & Refresh, it's the only air freshener of its kind with 100% scented oils that eliminate odors and freshen for up to 30 days. Also, the cleanly-designed Set & Refresh looks attractive for the entire time it freshens your home. Try Febreze Set & Refresh in your home for longer lasting freshness.

The febreze set & refresh is not like gel that evaporates its actual oil and it smells really good. there is no plugs or batteries that is involved in this product. The purpose of this product is eliminate odors, so the only odors i have in my house come from my bathroom, so i just stuck it in there and it worked. Its really kinda small so it doesn't get in the way. and its not ugly if maybe they could come out with designer ones that would be kinda cool. I love most of all febreze products that i have tried. ( haven't tried them all yet)
Retail Value: price varies

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  1. I've seen commercials for these. I might need to try one now :) Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm happily following you back!