Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buzz EdenFantasy: Truth or Dare game

Eden Fantasys

*Warning: This post contains links to an adult site that sells adult toys and sexual enhancers. If you do not wish these items to appear on your screen, please do not click the links.*

Cosmo's Truth Or Dare

Christina's Voice:
Hey this game kinda remind me as if i was back in high school. Who doesn't like the game Truth or Dare? The only problem is you run out of things to dare each other, so with the help from Eden Fantasys you have these deck of cards, which has truth on the top and dare on the bottom. This is a great product to purchase for you and your honey, or a newlywed as a gift. The Cosmo's Truth or dare cards really let you get to know each other in a fun way. You just spread the cards out on the floor and take turn one by one flipping them over and asking each other truth or dare.This is an adult game so you must be 18+ to play its a little rated R. they come in a carrying case which i like so the cards do not get all bent out of shape.For less than $10.00 this product can be yours. Now this is one Adult toy that i have purchase and was well satisfied. Edenfantasys have other board,card games you should check out to have fun with friends, and loved one.

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