Friday, July 1, 2011

Product Review: Teething Bling

 Teething Bling is the original teething jewelry. Made from the same FDA-approved material as most teething toys, our pendants and bangles look great on the adult wearer but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew.
Our products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. For more about our commitment to safety, click here.

Christina's Voice:
Teething bling is made from fine materials.Which is actually from a silicone that is phthalate and lead free, which is all non- toxic. I also learned something new, that most teething toys are also made from the same materials.This is a very unique product because if you have babies or are around babies you know how they like to reach and grab things and goes straight to there mouth. With Teething bling you can still add fashion to your wardrobe and wont have to worry when your little one grabs your jewelry and puts it in there mouth.

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