Monday, July 18, 2011

Product Review: Silikids silicone

It began in 2006 as a labor of love for two friends and mothers. With growing concerns about toxic materials in children’s products, Silikids was born; a children’s accessory company dedicated to making safe, clean and hygienic products out of SILICONE. As mothers, they noticed that many products for babies were already made of silicone; bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc. Research confirmed that silicone was indeed a magnificent material for children due to its non-porous nature, where no bacteria could hide; its high resistance to temperatures making it easy to boil and sterilize, and its soft, pliable quality lends itself to multiple uses.

I received one of the 6ounce siliskin glasses, which normally come in a set of four for $25.95. This product helps you get rid of those plastic sippy cups and on to the real deal. My two year old can accidentally drop this if she wanted to because its not going to break. thanks to the silicone. The silicone around the glass prevents slipping and breakage to the glass, so its great for those little hands. One thing i also like about Silikids is that they offer other products with the silicone around them(example: baby bottles and jar etc)

Silicone is:
  1. Clean
  2. BPA-free
  3. Safe
  4. green

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