Saturday, July 16, 2011

product review: little looster

For all the years when those little legs don’t reach the floor. The Little Looster, a booster for the Loo is about to change the way we potty train. The perfect potty stool

  Christina's Voice:
Little Looster is a great product for kids, exceptionally the ones who are going through the potty training stage. This makes being scared of that big toilet not so bad. Its a white booster that goes right under the toilet, and the child can place there feet on there so they are not just dangling. My bathroom is so small but the little looser still fits right where it should. Don't get me wrong the little looster booster was much bigger than i thought, but it works. it needs to be big so the child doesn't miss its step or so it doesn't slide away. It has little L all over the top, i believe to help from slipping. because they are a little raised up from the booster.I think this is a great product to try out.Purchase now for just $34.99.

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