Saturday, July 30, 2011

Product Review: Plasma Car

 PlasmaCars are one of the best selling ride on toys for children. To ride this toy you simply turn steering wheel back n forth movement and then you start to move. That's right just by the steering wheel, there no batteries or pedals.Once going those little suckers can reach up to 6MPH.Now plasma car do have a weight limit on them which is 250 pounds, and must be rode on a flat service at all times, that way no one gets hurt.

Christina's Voice:
My daughter loves her red plasmacar. She is on this sucker every day. This product is not made for hardwood floors, but we live in an older house so i let her ride on our hardwood floors. She is everywhere in this thing, chasing the dog all in the way in the kitchen while I'm trying to  cook. You name it she been in that room. One thing she has learned about this plasmacar it doesn't feel to good when your toes get ran over. so now she yells " What you toes." when she coming through.

Plasmacar colors: red, pink,blue,purple,yellow
Retail price: price varies on location
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