Friday, July 29, 2011

Product Review: Jumpstart

In today's world where the bottom line is everything, companies predominantly produce products that make them the most money possible for the least cost, then wrap them up in alluring packaging and make all sorts of grandiose claims. We are different. We really believe in the intelligent organic approach to health -- listening to nature's wisdom. Our products are painstakingly researched, manufactured from finest-quality ingredients, and cost a little more because they are made to really work, not because the packaging is costly. All our resources go into the formulas, and we are proud of our small line of top-shelf, over-the-counter, unique natural products that will improve your life. Try a sample and see. Or read our amazing testimonials. Read more

JUMPSTART Extreme is an unique natural energy supplement that significantly boosts energy, raises metabolism, elevates mood and enhances general health without the unwanted side effects found with most stimulants and drugs. This is no cheap collection of stimulant herbs, common caffeine pill, or pedestrian pep pill like Dexatrim, Nodoze or Red Bullet. In addition to potent and novel natural energy boosters, the (now-famous) JUMPSTART Extreme contains read more

Christina's Voice:
                The last 3 weeks i have been taking Jumpstart Energy pills, and i have to say, they work! I usually wake up around 6 A.M every morning to head in to work after staying up all night. I'm usually sluggish and drowsy until about 12:00. But every since i have taken Jumpstart, my day "JUMP STARTS" at 6:30. I wake up and take two pills. 15 Min's later, while driving to work, i drink some fruit juice. by the time i get to work i am singing along with the radio and greeting everyone as i walk through the door. My coworkers have also seen the difference in my actions and to tell you the truth, they love the new me. And the great thing about these pills is that they also help out with your focus and you lose weight! it is like a triple whammy! I love these pills and i wish they were a never ending supply. Oh and i almost forgot, THERE IS NO CRASH! i use to drink about 3 energy drinks a day and try different energy pills but they all seem to have the same side affect, CRASH! Jumpstart DOESN'T! Great energy supplement. I recommend these pills to EVERYONE looking to Jumpstart their day and be on top of your daily task! Thank you Jumpstart for this WONDERFUL product!

retail price:
8 caps $5.75
30 caps $21.95
60 caps $36.95

  • Increased energy boost in correct balance

  • Superior mental clarity and sharpness of focus

  • Enhanced stamina and performance

  • Heightened sense of health and well-being

  • Waves of pleasure, raised disposition

  • Feelings of confidence & positivity

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Increased ATP production

  • Stimulates carbohydrate conversion into energy

  • Increases oxygen utilization

  • Supports adrenal function (most important.)

  • I was provided this product free of charge for the purpose of this review

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    1. Wow these pills seem amazing. Where would i go to get me some? Is there a possible give away? Are they sold in stores or is it just an online product??