Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product review: Crystal Light Mocktails

Crystal light mocktails

Christina's Voice
Crystal light cocktails mocktails are great way to help you stick to your diet plan. With just 5 calories per serving and absolutely alcohol free this is a great product that you must try. Just in time for those hot humid summer days. I received a few samples to try out. Appletini,Mojito and Margarita. I love to sit back while the new baby takes a nap and the toddler plays in the pool and have me a nice Appletini on ice from crystal light. I don't have to worry about the blender or shaker i just mix the pre-made package that comes in the appletini container to 8 glasses of water ( 2 quarts), and pour over some nice crushed ice, and sip away!! easy and simple that's the way I like it.

Nutritional information:
  • 5calories per 8fl. oz
  • 0 carbohydrates per 8fl. oz serving
  • Sweetened with a blend of non-nutritive sweeteners
  • gluten free
For more information about Crystal Light Mocktails, connect with Crystal Light on Facebook. and follow Crystal Light on Twitter today.

  • I received a sample of Crystal Light Mocktails from Kraft Foods.

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